Cyberman is pretty usual guy from Finland but hes way of living is not usual at all. Cyberman is not so good looking, he is hairy, 49years old, he has very bad epilepsy and he has mental issues too so there is no reason why you should be interested of Cyberman. Cyberman wants to have social time with nice people, lots of chatting and so furth but Cyberman cant do any of those nice things because he dont have any friends and it really sucks! Cybermans favorite food is hamburgers and pizza's. Cybermans favorite pizza is Rantsila pizza. Cyberman has addiction to net and computers. Cyberman doesnt watch sports. Cyberman dont even have a televison because he is always on the net. Cyberman is polite with older people. Cyberman is almost always at home. Hes apartment is one room and toilet/shower. Cyberman has 3 cameras in one room. Cyberman goes to out twice of day to support center to take hes medication. Cyberman lives in Finland, Siikalatva county, Rantsila town, Near Oulu city. Cyberman is single, no woman friend, no kids not even a pet. Cyberman has been always single. Cyberman hopes to meet some nice woman. Cyberman shows all of hes life and hes activities on stream and it might be disturbing to some. All is live and 24/7 online. Cyberman has been streaming now for 4 years and he wants to continue hes streaming few years becourse website is going great. There is no reason why Cyberman does live streaming, but he just wants to do it becourse he can and he will. 24/7 website is totally free, just large stream window, chatroom. biography and hes "latest thougths". All money comes from Cybermans pension and 2 banners. Cyberman has dedicated server and Wowza Streaming Engine in Canada, these Cyberman pays from hes own pocket. You can donate some Money or Bitcoins to Cyberman so he can continue quality stream with own server and own streaming. It has happend again! Cyberman fell and he hit himself on to ground (sometimes on wall or floor or stairs etc.). Head is most sensitive place to hit and it bleeds a lot. Cyberman hopes that you dont get this kind of epilepsy wich Cyberman got.